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nununarcisistic's Journal

28 May
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well...i love animalz..I'm passionate about writing! ZOMG!!!!!!! i love it nd i'll love u for loving it even more than the amount of love i feel for u and it.. Im totally kidding ryt now! mufufufu in tha hizzy :D.. I just want to make it clear that nunu narcissitic's sis is totally writing 4 her so pls don confuse the crazyness.. though she is pretty crazy herself:D anyhw im outy coz she stranglin me .. gAh!! (DON WORRY IMA TELL MA MOM:))
OK u met us.. we luv u.. keep it narcisisstic
animals, anything thats good, criminal minds, death race, greys, jodi piccoult, romance...daniel steel, rowans mill, wrighting...travelling...sleeping...men, zone reality..etc etc